As long as Content will be King spun-content will have its place in Web marketer's toolbox. {In|Other|Words}-SEO aims to help to produce and distribute spun-contents in a smarter and cheaper way.

{In|Other|Words}-SEO is a quality production, versatile and highly configurable Article spinner which combines capabilities to automate scheduling of spun-articles and spun-comments sendings to WordPress blog networks and to distribute spun-contents just by copy and paste a given javascript snippet on the web page targeted - jQuery have to be loaded.

An efficient-SEO article spinner engine

{In|Other|Words}-SEO has its foundation in an original algorithm which increase spun-content variability.

The spinning content syntax (so-called spintax) is the classic one : brackets, pipes and endless nested alternatives ({A|B|C|{a|b|{1|2|3}|c|d}|D})... but with {In|Other|Words}-SEO you can, and you should, write the content of your content spinning templates without any SEO html tags wrapping keywords, so that you'll be able to use them to produce spun-content free of html tags, or, based on same templates, by adding randomly, on the fly if necessary, SEO html tags on keywords of your choice with quantity of your choice by tweaking {In|Other|Words}-SEO!

A full automated spun-articles and spun-comments network blogs poster

{In|Other|Words}-SEO enables you to plan complex netlinking strategies and automate them. Don't turn you anymore into a bot-like guy, sending all day long, posts and comments to your Wordpress blog network! Save time & money : ROI guaranteed!

Finally, just download harvested backlinks, articles and comments URLs, in CSV files. A CSV-extraction tool is planed to achieve full automation.

A spun-content Server

{In|Other|Words}-SEO provides with its spun-content server an easy and ready-to-go solution to distribute spun contents : just copy and paste the given javascript snippet on targeted web page (which must load jQuery), and it's done.

The spun-content server comes with a cache mechanism with user-defined persistence : serve the same precomputed spun-content as long as needed, it will be recomputed as soon as the duration setted will be passed. For the freshness of a web content page, for example, set cache expiration to three weeks... Why not use {In|Other|Words}-SEO as a basic but original ad server? Like in a famous online adverting system, you will able to count impressions from within {In|Other|Words}-SEO's administration.

Ask for SaaS subscription to iow-seo {at} cybervisible {dot} fr

"Be evil : Say It {In|Other|Words}!"